Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rent the Runway

I've had my first request for a blog post...and I am super excited about requests! Now...to do this right I really like to experience or try the activity/product. However, in this case I cannot. So I want to give you others opinions and then lastly what I think I would think...got it?

So on to Rent the Runway. Have you heard of it? You can rent dresses and accessories at a FRACTION of retail price. For example: I could rent this Herve Leger

I'm obsessed with this dress. Originally $3,500, I could rent it for 4 days for $350. Deal? Yes I think so. Well the reason I didn't go ahead and rent this puppy is that ultimately I have NO where to wear it to. It is football season people, we are hermits, we don't do anything this time of year. Any weddings? Nope, we've disowned those friends, who gets married during football season? (I'm really just kidding....kind of.) And these types of ballgowns aren't usually seen at the tailgates I frequent. So...I'm out of luck. So I went on a hunt to find other peoples stories...I personally do not know anyone that has tried this service, so I found other bloggers who have blogged their exeprience.

The following 4 blog posts are all Rent the Runway reviews. All were good experiences (I couldn't find an all out bad one) but each instance something went wrong. Wasn't overly impressed, but liked the concept? Didn't have her size in that dress or that one....? Read for yourself.

Ms. Badgley Mischka

Ms. Christian Costa

Ms. Yumi Kim

Ms. Yigal Azourel

So my personal opinion:
Even though I've read "fool proof" instances, they send you two of the same dress, different sizes AND a backup dress for $25. I'm still VERY nervous about the fit. My bod has never been easy to fit and even if they have "my size" who knows if is going to look in the butt or waste or arms....

I love a gorgeous label as much as the next gal....but what is MORE important to me is how fabulous I look in something :-) I would wear something from Target if it fits me perfect and I'm in love with it. So I don't know if this is the best site for me. It makes me very anxious that if I'm going to rent a dress (basically put all my eggs in one basket) for an important event, what happens when I hate it? What happens if I hate the "back up." It is just so risky for me. Now...as I was doing my research a banner did pop up exclaiming if neither of the dresses fit, I would receive a full refend. Nice. But again...risky if I counted on that one dress.

This may work for some gals, but I don't know about this one. But I may have to try it one day to see if it proves me wrong....I'll look at it again after FB season...


Mia Maree said...

I just had a conversation with my friend Ibby on Twitter. She had a bad experience with Rent the Runway. She was renting a dress for a Wedding and Sorority Rush and when both dresses came they were in AWFUL condition. She did get a full refund, but was left dressless for both events! ugh!

Mae said...

You should have a Super Bowl watch party and wear your gown! I feel ya on the football season thing! I've been wanting to try Rent the Runway for a while now but like you said, I need a really good party! My childhood friend is getting married next May, so I might just try it then.

Marion said...

This post was hilarious ("Who gets married in football season anyway?" haha!)
And I haven't tried this service, but in theory it seems like a great idea. We all want a statement dress for the right occasion, however because those occasions are so rare, you don't necessarily want to fork over the hefty dough.

I'll have to check out the other bloggers who wrote about it...

Happy Tuesday Mia!!
XO - Marion

EV said...

The Sioux Falls Gala is coming up and RuthAnn and I are looking for dresses (even though we may already have one ha). I'll keep you posted!

Natalie Suarez said...

SUPER CUTE! loves this :)



Melody** said...

Love this Mia, and that black dress is super cute! You're funny and I feel you, I'm all about the way a dress fits too.