Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tortilla Soup

I'm sure every one has tried Tortilla Soup at some point in their lives. You may like one recipe and you didn't like another. Well I've had a request for a "Boys Post" and since I get enough football in my life I thought we'd switch it up and give them something different.

You know that song "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...." haha well my mother's song is "My Tortilla Soup brings all the boys to the yard..." haha. I swear every guy that has ever walked into our house has been drawn to that darn Tortilla Soup. I'd come home from college and every person my sisters knew was packed in the Kitchen eating her soup. So to make your men happy....(or the handful of boys that are going to read this post) Here is the recipe!!

Ingredients (Big box chicken broth, 2 cans enchilada sauce - I chose medium, 2 cans Nacho Cheese condensed soup, 2 cans Cream of Chicken, Can of Corn - optional, small block Velveeta cheese, chicken breasts chopped)

Mix all the Liquids together in a Soup Pot (Mom didn't warn me that cream of chicken and nacho cheese soup is disgusting to see out of the can)

And Brown your chicken

And if you are like me, you realize last minute you were suppose to make 3 dozen cookies for the players because we always send them with cookies on their away games....(cookies and tortilla soup was not a pleasant aroma in my kitchen...) You have to cook these at the same time!

Next once the soup is warmed through and melted together, add the block of Velveeta cheese. I chopped mine up ahead of time to make the melting easier...

And lastly this is an optional step. This soup is made so you can add anything and Mom likes to add corn. The boys don't like the corn, but she likes to add it lately anyway. (Those Iowa and Wisconsin boys are really picky, they don't like health food, no wonder they love this soup!)

And serve up with tortilla chips on top! yummy! This soup is SO easy, those boys can pull it off!

Happy Thursday All!!


Jess... said...

I've never had Tortilla Soup; I definitely need to try this!

Jamie said...

This looks delish!