Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clarks Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask

So I have a fabulous product to share with you. Call it a review or whatever you want, but Clarks Botanicals has no idea who I am and could probably care less what I think, but I am CRAZY about their Intense Radiance Mask.

So I have become very adamant about what goes on my face and what I should be doing weekly. A once a week mask is something I dread. I have not been able to find anything that feels good, works, and/or worth my time....until now.

All knows I might be the BIGGEST fan of Birchbox. I get a cute little box of samples EVERY month and it has really allowed me to try and see if I love or hate certain products before I buy the full size version. And these versions are usually a little the fact I get a sample beforehand, well I couldn't be more thankful. Well last month I received this cute little box:

This may have been my favorite box yet! However, life gets in the way...I'm too busy cheering at some football games....and bam! It is November and I have only tried half my products of my Birchbox. 

So I finally have a moment to breathe on a Sunday night and this is one of my favorite nights to sit, do my nails and catch up with my DVR......and now, do a face mask. I've tried several masks and haven't been impressed so it has been awhile since I've tried something new. So I thought to myself, I have a little mask sample in my Birchbox, now is the time to try it!

And here I am lounging in my at home spa....The FB coach helping administer the mask.....
HAHA. Just kidding. It was me by myself in my little old bathroom.....and I LOVED it!

Guys, this product is no joke. Worth the splurge. Trust me, when my sample runs out (which thanks to Birchbox they are deluxe samples so I definitely get some use!) I am heading on over here: Clarks Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask

It smells SO luxurious. It feels so smooth. It goes on very easily. And washes away with no complications. My skin is so soft and it feels so clean and it feels amazing even the next day! 

I think Sunday has become my new favorite night....Spa Night!

I highly recommend this product to young and old.

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