Monday, November 21, 2011

My Very First Christmas Wreath

So I definitely have Christmas fever. I kind of felt guilty for surpassing Thanksgiving, I'm usually pretty good about waiting and letting Thanksgiving have its day. However I got the decorating itch pretty early this year. My mom assured me that was okay, as a coach's wife we might not be in town during Christmas, so I can definitely decorate a week early. Thanks Mom!

So I'm going to feature all the things I've made and/or decorated....don't worry, it shouldn't take long in our itty bitty apartment.

So I am decorating with silver and white this year. I wanted a wreath on my front door. I could not find one in white and silver! So I had the brilliant idea of trying to make for those of you that do not know me very well, I'm not the Martha Stewart type. My sisters are. Not me. But I'm trying.....and once you see my wreath, I'm pretty darn proud of myself!

So I bought a plain fake pine wreath at Hobby Lobby.
Then I bought a few "picks" Poinsettas, Glamorous Bird, Sparkly flowers, and glass beads.

Then I placed everything where I wanted it and secured everything with floral wiring and I recommend NOT using regular scissors. Especially if you plan on ever using those scissors again. We had to run out for some wire cutters.

And there she is!!

I'm in love with this wreath! So moral of the story...if you can't find what you want to buy, do it yourself!

I can't wait to show you my Tree!

Check back tomorrow, I might be hosting my very first giveaway :-) Yeah for the Holidays!


Mae said...

this is gorgeous! well done lady!
love the colors and the bit of sparkle

Jessica Renee said...

Ooh that is so pretty and sparkly, good job!!

I feel bad too for jumping straight into Christmas, I'm trying to remember to let Thanksgiving have its day. lol!

Katie said...

So pretty! I love the silver/white decorations-- looks so gorgeous with greenery.

Jess... said...

That looks fantastic! Love the color scheme!!