Saturday, October 1, 2011

Huskers vs. Badgers

What a big day! Huskers vs. Badgers. Unfortunately we are not in Madison, nor are we even going to get to watch the game! Thank goodness for ESPN mobile and Twitter! We will be busy cheering on the hubby...which is number one priority :-) (Don't think I'm not getting to the minute updates on my phone!) I'm even going to wear Red to Yoga this morning...

So in honor of this BIG game I wanted to share some photos with you! I was once a Badger...and my entire Husband's family are Badger fans....this is a game for us :-)

This is me and my sister Marlo with good ol' Bucky. I don't believe our little Macy was in existence at this point.

 Go Badgers! It was a good look....please ignore the poor quality cell phone pictures :-)

But times have changed and 20 years later I was a graduate of UNL. GO BIG RED!

I have much respect for those Badgers, but good luck today Huskers! GO BIG RED!

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