Friday, October 14, 2011

Boob Tube Babble!

Boob Tube Babble

 Friday has become a day for blogging! Woo-hoo! My Friday Favorites will be up later today! My friends don't watch TV like I do, so I am so lucky to have found these sweet girls to link up with!

 Sadly enough I did not watch much TV this week...weird I know. But I killed Cycling and Thursday night being my Clean out the DVR night, Keith took me out for bday dinner instead since he won't be around today! Oh Pre-game....why don't you center around my life?haha, jk. He more than made up for not being around today, plus I'm dragging him to Footloose Saturday night! So I see it as a three day celebration!

Speaking of Footloose....who is seeing it this weekend? I am SO excited, I'm sure I'll be dancing ALL night...bring on annoying Mia!

So quick overview of shows I'm VERY much looking forward to catching up on on Sunday:

Revenge of course! Who finally has seen it? I'm still in love....

Parenthood - Keith and I really got into this last season, finally watched the premier episode last week (we are WAY behind) and was pretty disappointed, I felt lost. But no worry, talked to my mom on Wednesday and she said it gets REALLY good.

Big Bang Theory - I just laugh my brains out at these guys. I would love to have friends like this in real life!

And I still wish Friday Night Lights was still on TV....sad....

So to leave you with a little Sheldon:

(haha that just made me laugh and I've seen it a million times....)


Victoria said...

sheldon is always the one who makes me laugh the hardest :)

parenthood is a great show!

happy tv watching!

Kasondra said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Bang Theory!! How many times have you had Soft Kitty stuck in your head?

Mia Maree said...

Thanks Victoria!

Kasondra, I have it stuck all the time and now thanks to you again today :-) I could watch that show over and over...