Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Floppy Hat!

So I am a lover of hats. All shapes and sizes. I used to hate them, never thought they looked good on me and now they've become one of my favorite accessories. Isn't that the moral of the fashion story? Better to try it and love it, then never have the chance to love it? Or something like that.... ;-)

My husband's favorite hat on me? The fedora...however he likes to call it "The Bear Bryant" Oh we never escape football....and no, I wasn't going for the "I want to look like Bear Bryant" look

But my new love right now...The Floppy Hat and not just the beachy floppy hat, the felt floppy hat, the hat we can rock with peacoats...instant cuteness! However, I believe people have mixed feelings with this hat. I know I have to practice with it, because sometimes I just can't see in it. But I splurged and bought one the other day, to get to the register and have the guy say "Oh you are going to look like J.Lo." I was flattered....but once I walked away, I think he meant it as a dig. He didn't like the hat. blah.

How do you not love the following pictures? Maybe some people can pull it off? I'm really hoping I'm one of those people...

And speaking of maroonish hats...catch the following video from Birchbox and Satya Twena. Genius! It will give you some really good tips for wearing hats and how you should wear your hair with them. But the video caught my eye because I'm in LOVE with the maroonish hat with the feathers...ahh it screams fall to me.

I want to hear what you you like the floppy hat? Do you wear it? Let me see pictures!

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