Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Take Pride in Your Name

Now I give my husband a seriously hard time about our or my new last name. Its long and a bit complicated for others to say. Even though it is very phonetic. But its my new name and I love it. And I'm crazy about Initials, always have been.

Remember the days of Carrie Bradshaw? And THE necklace?

And I HAD to have one

Now you can find initials on just about everything, like my kitchen:

Or one of my favorite wedding gifts: Thank you Kim!!

And this weekend I found fabulous intital rings at Urban Outfitters

You can find them in your initial here: Initial Rings

These are just a few examples of names and intitials. I have seen so many amazing pictures in different homes and different pieces of jewelry. My dream piece? Katie Holme's S Necklace

I NEED the M one. I send my hubby this picture from Barney's EVERY day!

It is funny...I don't ever get a response.....

If you'd like your Initial go get it here Jennifer Meyer (And if you do get it, you have to tell me and show me and let me gaze in envy!)

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Kylie said...

I too am having a hard time adjusting to a new last name... I don't like parting with the alliteration I was born into, and when people are curious of how to spell what you had just pronounced for them, it's never a good sign ;) ... and of course, it is almost impossible for me to find things with the letter z! this is what i keep telling lucas will help me embrace the "z"

I love reading your blog! Have fun in Nebraska this weekend, tell your lovely sisters hello for me, and hope to see you soon!