Friday, September 30, 2011

Cajun Chicken Pasta

My first Dinner post! I took this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. You can find her blog post to it here: Cajun Chicken Pasta

She makes the dish look so creamy and delicious and very neat! So I thought I'd give it a try...

It was delicious and creamy...but goodness do I make a mess! I always make a mess when I cook. I wanted to try to be fancy and take pictures like the pros do and I found 1.) I was going to drop my camera in something or 2.) leave my camera with food stains. So I took a few pictures, more of my favorite products in the Kitchen to share with you all. So here goes:


Next I chopped all the vegetables. I learned to chop from my days of watching Rachael Ray. That is why you'll see my orange knives from her line!

WARNING: When washing your vegetables, please NOTICE the sticker on the pepper or else you'll be fishing for it, like I did...

Next browning the chicken...

And now the vegetables. I wanted to show you one of my favorite utensils, it is my Microplane grater...Rachael Ray turned me on to it. It grates my garlic with ease instead of chopping off my fingers when trying to mince it!

Pasta while we start the sauce

And then you turn around and your AMAZING husband is cleaning up after you....the best part...

Way to recycle my Nordstrom Rack bags honey!!

Mix vegetables, chicken, and sauce....getting close!

Season with Salt and Pepper, these are my favorite containers to keep my S and P. Old Gelato containers...

Add some parsley...notice my Cocina de Heckendorf chopping block. One of my FAVORITE pieces in my Kitchen...thank you Jenna!!

Warm up some delicious garlic pull-aparts from Target

And bam! You are done and I have enough to feed a small army....say hello to Lunch and Dinner for the next three days...

This is only one of the fabulous recipes The Pioneer Woman shares, head on over and check out the others!

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