Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello and Accent Nails!

Hello All!
Welcome to my blog and my first blog post. I am some sort of a late bloomer in the blogging world, but I have recently found about a million blogs that I devour every day. One thing you will learn about me, I will be a short blogger. As much as I love devouring these blogs, I don't have a lot of time, so I need good content and pictures FAST. Google Reader has become my bestie. I invite you to leave comments and share pictures/blogs with me! I love finding new blogs or ideas. The main reason I began this blog is I work within a somewhat "scientific" field and I really needed a "fashionable" outlet. This blog will contain just about everything I love and find "pretty."

So on my agenda for today: Accent nails. Have you tried it?

I didn't know what to think at first. But I received my monthly birchbox (birchbox is one of my all time favorite things in the whole world, I"ll probably save an entire post for it!) and inside they had Incoco Nail Polish Applique. I love painting my own nails, so this didn't overly excite me, nor did the zebra print ones they sent. Could you imagine me walking into work with all zebra nails? No.

However, I got bored this weekend and decided I had to try it, but not "all the way." So Viola! Accent nail." Just added some zebra to my always nude nails. 

And to tell you the truth...I've been loving it all week!
Then I read a blog post from birchbox yesterday, you can find here: Team Birchbox Loves Incoco

And they love it too! Have you tried the accent nail yet? If so, show me pictures!


PerfectlyPolished said...

I put a comment on here and it disappeared...??

PerfectlyPolished said...

So I will repost: I love the accent nails! I tried them a month ago and they were awesome. A little trick to put on at first but they last two weeks with almost no chips! They are expensive but definitely a must for a pick-me up or something fun like a bachelorette party!