Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sugar Queen Questions #2

Chapters 4-7
  • At the end of Chapter Three, a new character, Chloe, was introduced. The author mentioned how books seem to appear to Chloe when she needs them most. What do you make of all of this?
  • After reading about how Jake cheated on Chloe, do you think Chloe should have forgiven him? Why or why not?
  • Why do you think Adam suddenly became interested in Josey?
  • In Chapter 6, Josey takes her mother, Margaret, to visit Livia. While Livia and Margaret chat, Josey has a chat with Livia's granddaughter, Amelia. Josey suggests that Amelia might want to have a life of her own, but Amelia shrugs Josey off and dismisses the idea. What enables Josey to think about freeing herself from her mother, rather than becoming like Amelia?
Looking forward to reading your answers on Monday! The link up will be posted Monday, but remember if you do not have a blog, you can post your answers in the comment section below Monday's post.

We want to accommodate every book club suggestion. For February we have chosen The Postmistress by Sarah Blake.

Book Description from Amazon: In 1940, Iris James is the postmistress in coastal Franklin, Massachusetts. Iris knows more about the townspeople than she will ever say, and believes her job is to deliver secrets. Yet one day she does the unthinkable: slips a letter into her pocket, reads it, and doesn't deliver it.

Meanwhile, Frankie Bard broadcasts from overseas with Edward R. Murrow. Her dispatches beg listeners to pay heed as the Nazis bomb London nightly. Most of the townspeople of Franklin think the war can't touch them. But both Iris and Frankie know better...

The Postmistress is a tale of two worlds-one shattered by violence, the other willfully naïve-and of two women whose job is to deliver the news, yet who find themselves unable to do so. Through their eyes, and the eyes of everyday people caught in history's tide, it examines how stories are told, and how the fact of war is borne even through everyday life.

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