Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Date Ever

For the next two weeks I will be participating with Neely, Amber, and Casey for the Fabulous Valentine Challenge. I get excited for these challenges because I meet the most amazing people, I get great blogging ideas, and you may learn a thing or two about me!

Valentine’s Day Challenge
Day #1: Best Date Ever
I've been pretty fortunate to go on some amazing dates! I can't say I've ever been on a bad date (So I have no idea what I'm going to post for tomorrow!), guys I have met have been wonderful, but I have to say the good ol' hubby takes the cake here. Maybe that is why I married him?
Actually no. Poor K was never the big romantic or date planner for that matter. We always had a great time, but as far as effort/planning goes...hmmm....(love ya babe.)
So...if you knew K back then, you would be SHOCKED on how good he has gotten with dates! I guess it just took a little ribbing by  me and giving him a pretty hard time. Plus I think he has started living by that whole "Happy Wife, Happy Life" mantra. 
So for my choice of best date ever, I am going to go with our 1st Anniversary Trip to Charleston, SC. K planned every minute of the entire trip and it was perfect! 
First he arrived at my work and picked me up with an itinerary and all!


We shopped and ate more than you can imagine!


There was a sailboat ride that was amazing!

We adopted sea turtles, but unfortunately couldn't see them! (Again, this was K's surprise to me! Unbelievable planning!)
And we finished up the trip kayaking!

This was by far the best date I have ever been on.


Joey said...

major, major props to the husband!! Sounds like a perfect trip! Charleston is our favorite place (and I actually got a surprise for christmas--J's taking me for Valentine's day!!)

(and how sweet! Adopting sea turtles!!!)

Cait said...

wow how adventurous and romantic :) I LOVE charleston so i def would be up for this too ha!

The Bases said...

Fun! I really want to go to Charleston! My husband is not the best date planner either.... usually leaves it up to me!

Marion said...

Looks like such a fun date Mia! And how sweet that he pulled together all the details (that pic with his itinerary is so great!)
I love it when you share stories like this :-)

XO - Marion

Neely said...

Looks so fun!

Leah said...

This really made me laugh when you said your guy wasn't a big in the planning/effort/romantic field. My guy is the same way but he has come a long way since day one as well! I like the "Happy Wife Happy Life". Cute. This sounds like an amazing anniversary trip and great date!


Ashley said...

Aww, how sweet!!

TheTinyHeart said...

Found your blog from Marion and it's adorable! That's really cute that your hubby planned your whole anniversary trip! My hubby needs some pointers in that department..I'm always planning our dates!

PS Running a necklace giveaway on my blog today if you're interested :)

Anonymous said...

looks like a blast!

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Casey said...

Wow looks like so much fun!! And so sweet that he planned it all!

Thanks for linking up with us for the Valentine's Challenge!

Courtney Johnson said...


Kara said...

Looks like so much fun! I love active dates and I'm usually the one planning all of the activities. Kudos to your hubby for doing all the work! :)

Emily said...

What a wonderful date! My boy isn't the greatest planner either, but when he does plan it's great... Apparently yours is the exact same way!

Katie said...

Sounds like an awesome date!! Donny isn't a planner either, so way to go Keith!! :)

Sassy Ms Ginger said...

Ahh! I remember when you first started dating! I am so glad that you married that boy :)

Alison said...

That is so sweet! I can't believe you can adopt sea turtles!! Major props to your husband for that date :)

Kristi Miller said...

Sounds like a great date!