Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rainboot Inspiration

I was given a pair of fabulous Hunter Rain Boots for Christmas. Since the day I have opened them I have had them on my feet nonstop. That is probably because I spent a week and a half in cold, rainy/snowy weather. I found myself getting dressed to go out and considering some cute heels/stylish boots, but then chucking them aside and grabbing those good ol' rubber boots. Stylish? Hmmm....haven't made a commitment yet. I love them, I was cold, so I didn't care if they were stylish or not.

But now, since they are so easy to throw on, I am looking for some inspiration for a cute outfit that compliments the rainboots. I turned to pinterest....And thought I'd share with you, just in case you were in my same dilemma!

The last picture is for your enjoyment! And now I officially need to own the Red Boots. But in the mean time I think I can use this inspiration to make my black boots work! 


Betty said...

I love the first picture! It makes rain boots seem so chic!

Breanna said...

I love rain boots :) Love the pins!

Casey said...

I die for the rainboots with a wedding dress. I brought mine to my wedding day in case it drizzled. Didn't, but I still have some photos of them in my dressing room!

Meghan said...

I don't own a pair of Hunters, but literally just yesterday, I thought I should look into it:) So cute!