Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crazy Crazy Dream

Does anyone have crazy dreams and/or nightmares? I used to have the most awful nightmares. So vivid they would freak me out and I always remembered them. Now I really don’t remember any dreams or nightmares that I have. Which is probably a good thing.


I dreamed the other night that my 30-year old husband was kidnapped. Kidnapped! All the while I was going on with my normal day checking my cell phone to see if he had text that he is “back” yet. How weird is that?

What does that mean?!

Can you decipher dreams? K thinks I’m nuts…


Katie said...

That's a pretty funny dream! But I've got no insight for you, lol. :)

Monica said...

I have the craziest dreams sometimes as well...last nights was so strange, thank goodness it wasn't bad though.

Katie said...

Try an online dream dictionary for interpretation. Offhand I'd interpret as maybe somewhere in your life you feel like your husband is being pulled away from you? maybe he has to work more often, or just spends a lot more time with friends, on the computer, etc? I have weird dreams a lot too, especially when I'm sick or have a migraine when I go to bed. It's usually the really weird ones I remember. The other day I dreamt my husband (we werent married yet in the dream) called me "mean" and I left him. I woke up SOOO PISSED OFF at him. LOL

Bunnie said...

I always do!!! And then I go to that Dream Interpretation website to find out what they mean and they are usually right on!!!