Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Whole Lot About Me

So today you are going to get a blast full of me! I have been "tagged" by a few ladies with different questions and I am finally getting around to answering them! Blame the rain, I'm stuck inside! So Marion and Emily I apologize for the delay, here they are!

From Emily's List:
1) Favorite Color: Pink. Hands down, always been a big pink fan.
2) Favorite Animal: Dogs. Sweetest things. Help me convince my husband I need one!
3) Favorite Number: 3
4) Favorite (non-adult) drink: Hot chocolate!
5) Facebook or Twitter? Twitter, quick and easy! Facebook has become too complicated and buggy.
6) Passion: Family, Fashion, Football....in that order.
7) Giving or receiving presents? I love giving presents, because I think it brings people great joy, but that is because I know it brings me joy when I receive gifts! It is a two-way street!
8) Favorite Pattern:Right now I am seriously crushing on trellis prints! Hello blog design!
9) Favorite Day: I love love love Thursdays. Weird I know. But I love knowing there is only one more day left in the week. My husband is usually home at a decent time and I love Thursday TV!
10) Favorite Flower: Asiatic Lilies!

From Marion's List:
1) What is the best gift you've ever received? My engagement ring (mushy)
 2) What color best describes you and why? Pink. It can be used is so many ways, soft, elegant, girly, sophisticated, bright, loud. That is me adapting to so many different people and places!
3) Dogs or cats? Explain your choice. Dogs. I never grew up with cats so I've always been very partial to dogs. Cats tend to creep me out. They are silent and fast.
4) What has the ability to make you laugh out loud? Modern Family! That shows has me in tears most nights. So does Last Man Standing. A man and his three daughters? It is my life story.
5) What would you order for your last meal? Valentinos Pizza
6) What color nail polish are you wearing right now? Mint Green
7) What are 2 blogs you think we should know about? thepinkpeonies.com has become one of my all time favorite fashion blogs and harpershappenings.com for a lifestyle blog, plus Harper is such a doll!
8) Which would you prefer and why: A vacation with lots of excitement and go-go-go OR a relaxing vacation centered on recharging the batteries? I need a relaxing vacation. One where I can get totally bronzed and read as many books as time allows.
9) What was the name of your first boyfriend? Eric
10) What is your drink of choice on a ladies night out? Cabernet
11) What is one goal you hope to accomplish for yourself this year? Saving money! I know my husband will smile and/or laugh at this one. Hey I am trying! I also set a goal to learn how to sew. I learned! I just need to get past napkin making :-)


Anonymous said...

Totally agree that Twitter is better!! =) Love love love!

Keep Shining,

Marion said...

Mia! You crack me up :-) Thanks for providing such great answers...I love learning more about my favorite blogger friends!
And I am obsessed with Modern Family! I want to join that family so badly (I kinda want to be Manny's older sister so we could shop together and drink lattes :-) )

XO - Marion

Life With Lauren said...

Love your answers! And tell your hubby everybody needs a dog!

Bethany said...

I am obsessed with Modern Family! It is def my favorite show on TV right now :)

Emily said...

I knew you would have great questions! Thanks for playing along!!!