Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Granny

I've been absent for a little over a week now. No need for apologies, because I love my blog and I love blogging. But family has always come first and family will always come first.

Last Sunday night I got a call that my Granny had a stroke. What a stuck, helpless feeling knowing you were in North Carolina and she was in Nebraska. My Granny and I are incredibly close and this just didn't seem real. I'm so fortunate to have the kind of husband who picked up my computer and checked me into a Monday flight before I was off the phone. We are not in a position financially to make those types of purchases, but he didn't hesitate. And for that, I think I fell more in love with him than I ever have been.

I am also fortunate to be working for a company that understood my need to go to Nebraska and work remotely for the week. I'll be forever grateful to my boss and CEO.

I learned more about strokes than I probably ever wanted to learn this week. Granny is extremely fortunate the stroke did not affect her movement. She can walk and use her arms/legs freely. Her speech and swallow was affected. They call this aphasia. We were jumping for joy when she said "yes" and counted to "1,2,3" for us on Wednesday. So you can't imagine the feeling when she blurted out to my sister on Saturday "What did you do to your hair?" Granny is back! I call Granny on my way home from work a few times a week, so that will definitely be an adjustment for awhile. I told her she better get better quick for the sole purpose of keeping me company on my drive home!

There will still be lots of recovery ahead of her. She is strong and will continue to work at her speech. A little birdie told me she was able to have regular coffee yesterday without the nector thick powder they were making her use all week. Another improvement!

Events like this make you think about your own life. How you take care of yourself, how you live your life and who is the most important to you? I love the life K and I live. It is crazy, but it is our life. I hope we are fortunate to be back around our families at some point. Granny had an amazing group of friends come visit her at the hospital. She has had an impact on quite a few people! My Grandad was the most caring partner who looked after her minute after minute. We should all want that. But most of all, I know personally how I felt towards my Granny. I had an overwhelming need to take care of her and that makes me think maybe I will be a good mom someday. I know that I wish to have a family that cares for me and looks after me like my Granny does. She definitely has done something right! Even if we get occasional eye ball rolls and sighs of disgust. We annoy you Granny out of love :-)


Well that is where I have been. And now I am back. I tried scheduling a few posts last week while I was at the hospital. But nothing I was writing or posting would have meant very much since my heart and head were in another place. Thank you to a lot of you who reached out in support and prayed for Weasie. It means the world.


Anonymous said...

Many prayers that your Granny is back to normal in no time! Prayers for you and your family too. :)

Katie said...

Oh wow-- glad to hear that she's doing so well!! She's definitely in my prayers! And ps-- what a sweet man you have. :)

Nichole said...

Oh Mia! So sorry to hear about your granny. I hope she gets better, soon

Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

Mia I had NO IDEA -- my prayers are lifted up to you and your family -- life is hard enough, throwing in health scares! These events often times open our eyes though. I hope you all are doing well! <3

Katy said...

So sorry to hear about your Granny! But I'm happy that she is on the road to recovery!

Joey said...

So glad that your granny is progressing. And I love that she blurted out that comment about your sister's hair!! She seems like such a fun lady! Prayers continue!

Laura said...

Glad to hear your Granny is getting better! Hope she continues to progress.

Marion said...

So relieved to hear that your Granny seems to be doing okay...how incredibly fantastic of your husband to make sure that you are there to be with your family during what I'm sure was a scary time.

And I 100% agree with you that you shouldn't really apologize for being with family and away from your blog. We all have other priorities that are in-line way before blogging. It's called life :-)

*big hug!*
XO - Marion

Kara said...

I'm SO glad your Granny is doing ok! Strokes are incredibly scary. :(