Thursday, March 8, 2012

My First Fashion Intervention with my Husband

I may have mentioned my husband and I can be described as night and day. He grew up in a family of all boys and I grew up in a family of all girls. So we definitely had our learning curve in this relationship. One thing that has always remained on the table is my love for fashion, accessories, and beauty.

So rewind back to the days of our engagement. This football coach had been wearing the same eyeglasses he has worn since his sophomore year of college. Yes he was 28 at the time of this story. So I planned an intervention. We went to a local eyeglass shop and did a little browsing. I had him try on several different styles, styles that I could rip out of the latest InStyle. He gave me a look like I was from a different planet. Ah, that didn't bother me, I get that look a lot. Just give him time, he usually sees my way.

We finally settled on a handsome designer pair of semi-rimless glasses with thicker black arms. Woo. Was he gorgeous. But apparantly that is not a manly description, so I apologize he looked very football coachy cool. To this day, I love when he wears those glasses! Hottie!


Now the whole downside of this experience was the hefty price tag on those glasses. When we checked out I about passed out. I can't tell you how many purses and pairs of shoes I could have bought with the money we paid for those glasses! And then the associate precedes to tell me you have to replace these frames every few years! Unbelievable. So needless to say, we splurged, but I knew I needed to start doing my research on where I can find a better deal on glasses.

I tend to do almost all my research online, so it was easy to come across online eyeglasses. I already knew what style I liked on K.

I stumbled upon I was much more comfortable with their prices! Not only are their prices great, they offer some great promotions!

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Whitney said...

I definitely like the change! I'm trying to get my husband to get his eyes checked... he looks so cute in glasses! lol

Alison Sokol said...

Those glasses are nice!

I have contacts/glasses and I can't believe how much they cost. It blows my mind. *Sigh* Oh well, one of those things we all accept in life.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

nice choice there!!