Thursday, March 22, 2012

Over at The Best is Yet to Come

Today you can find me hanging out over at Emily's blog "The Best is Yet to Come."

The Best Is Yet To Come

We will be talking Baseball Fashion! Are you getting antsy for the season opener? We are! 

PS: Are you guys on instagram? It has become my new obsession, you can find me: msmiamaree

I'm also participating in Neely and Amber's Link up It's OK Thursday:

It's OK:

To take your husband to The Hunger Games even though he has no idea what it is about and you know he is going to hate it.

TO wish you could wear your favorite tangerine blazer 5 days in a row without getting weird looks

To feel like you have to go longer and harder in cycling class when you get stuck with a bike in the first row, RIGHT next to the instructor and then you can't walk the next day

To have 5 different email addresses because you like to keep things organized, but then forget to check them all!

To really convince yourself you've been saving lots of money, but then you go shopping...eeek!

To treat yourself to a lunch outside, 85 degrees in March? Yes please.

To have 3 different getaways planned for this summer, but not have enough days off of work...ahh!

To spend countless hours planning how to get those days off of work...

To hope the rain holds off this weekend so I can go to a baseball game

To know I'm unrealistic because it rained on my beach weekend last weekend!

Its Ok Thursdays


The Bases said...

Just found you on instagram. I am ebase83. I am seeing the Hunger Games tomorrow night with some girlfriends. Super excited!!!

Courtney*Cakes said...

Hope the 85 degree weather sticks around and the the rain holds off!

Amber said...

I have plans for trips too, but no money! haha

Bethany said...

Your hubby is so cute to go to Hunger Games with you! And totally jealous of your weather... it has been cloudy here!

Amber Knowles said...

I'm lucky because my husband loved the hunger games books too! I would have dragged him along anyway though ;)

KG said...

I hope the rain holds off for you this weekend!

I'm going through the same thing with vacations right now, it's stressing me out! Hope you find a way to eke out the time you need to!