Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

It's OK:

To hate to get my hair cut and colored because I can’t stand to sit in the same position for 3 hours

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Since I hate sitting in one position for 3 hours I’m the annoying office chick who walks around in heels constantly all day making lots of click click click noises

To love dressing up every day, but I am in yoga pants and a sweatshirt within 2 minutes of walking through my door at night 

To have a husband that has to leave you post-it notes to remind you to run the dishwasher in the mornings

To “tattle” on my neighbors in the apartment complex because I can smell their marijuana seeping through my door! Gross!

To have a new found obsession with Baublebar

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To have downloaded picfx app and now want to take pictures of anything and everything. I’m annoying again. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday. I am thankful this week has flown by! I get to see Joey this weekend and a good friend from high school! Yay for visitors!

One thing I wanted to share with my readers is I have recently been talking with Crystal from Life According to Crystal and she has had an amazing idea of starting an online magazine! She is looking for different blog contributors from all over! Let me know if you are interesting in contributing and what kind of topics you’d be interested in writing about!

Its Ok Thursdays


BmoreLoveLeigh said...

Obsessed with your necklace! I still haven't bought from Bauble Bar, but I have so many pieces I'm eyeing up!

Meghan said...

I have the same neighbors and I've tattled many a time:) Love the necklace!

Katie said...

Omg-- that necklace is gorgeous!! And I have a feeling Donny will have to leave reminders for me. At least, if he wants me to do things, he will. Hahaha!

Katy said...

I am the same about changing into comfy clothes the minute I walk in the door. Even though my work clothes are fairly comfortable, I can't wait to change into sweat pants or pajama pants!

Ashley said...

im dying to get that app. i have seen a few people blogging about it. i should look into it huh?

Laura said...

Love how my hair looks after but I also hate sitting for hours!

Trish said...

There's a house in our neighborhood that I swear gives me a contact high whenever I walk past it with the dog. Makes you wonder if they do anything else in there but smoke :)