Friday, December 30, 2011

Rainday Outfit in 5 Minutes

So as you read earlier I was in Shreveport, LA for a football game this past week. There was not one ounce of sun and a ton of rain! Needless to say I did not do an expert job at packing and was not prepared for a wet game. So, thanks to Target I had a quick 5 minutes to pick up something cute and practical.

In the back of my mind I had a bit of inspiration for what I was looking for. Two of my favorite winter staples: Trapper Hats and Snow boots.
Trapper Hats and Snow Boots

Trapper Hats and Snow Boots by msmiamaree featuring sorel shoes

Sorel shoes, €159
Sorel shoes, €99
Nine West fake fur hat, $25
KEVANDBELLE cap hat, €298
Jane Norman wool knit hat, £15
Failsworth Hats red black hat, £25

I knew I needed some type of waterproof boot, but it was very hard to justify spending money on rainboots when I had a perfectly good pair sitting back in NC. But then I stumbled upon these puppies....on clearance!


I'm a big fan of snow boots, I just don't have a need for them. But these were so comfortable, warm and waterproof! PLUS they were different looking than my rainboots....a clear justification for my husband when explaining why they were necessary.

Next came the hat to keep my ears warm. In true 5 minute scavenger hunt fashion, I ran to the clearance section and sure enough last one sitting there had my name written all over it. Only thing missing was the fur...


And over all? Throw in that ugly plastic poncho and it really didn't matter what the heck I wore underneath! Grrrr...

I did stay dry though...



Katie said...

The game looked miserable! No wonder there weren't that many people there. :( I have sat through many Carolina football games in rain ponchos. Haha. But your last minute purchases are super cute!! I especially love the boots!

Michaela said...

I have a hat just like that! Perfect for icky winter weather! Have a Happy New Year!

Mrs. Love Davis said...

I love being featured in pics on your blog!!! We've definitely had some fun/awesome/random times. LOL! Cheers to staying dry and looking fly! xoxo