Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tea Lights and Table Decor

I wanted to share a super simple and very inexpensive way to add sparkle and lighting to your Christmas Dinner decor this year.

I started with .50 cent glass tea light holders.

Next I filled the bottom of the glass holders with white and silver glitter. Very inexpensive even when bought in bulk.

I nestled white tea lights (unscented since they will be around food) down into the glitter

And lastly I lit the candles to see if I liked how they turned out!

Next to add to my table decor, I received a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece from some family friends. The pine was beautiful. It also lasts awhile when taken care of correctly! So this is how it matched Thanksgiving decor:

And then I took out the Thanksgiving baubles and added my own Christmas ones!

What are you making this Holiday Season?


Jessica Renee said...

That is really pretty, you're so creative!

Katie said...

Ooh pretty!! Love love love the glitter with the candles! :)