Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CSY Design

Hey Guys! I wanted to share with you my Vector designer Casey Davis! When I began searching for a blog designer I knew I wanted Jenn from Munchkinland Designs to design my blog. However, I wanted a cute cartoon character and I could not find something that represented me on istock photo.

I reached out to my super talented friend Casey and we threw around some ideas on how to make what I wanted reality. Casey knew exactly what I was saying and produced something so beautiful and better than I even dreamed up at first!

I have gotten several compliments about "her" so I wanted to share the love! Casey can be found at CSY Design. If you are wanting a specialized vector reach out to him, ask him questions, he will be more than happy to help you and Casey is very reasonable! Talk to Casey to give your blog that specialized touch. I highly recommend his work.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Meghan said...

Your blog is adorable! Nice work! I love the cartoon character!

Katie said...

That solves the mystery!! I looked high and low over iStock for an image I liked and couldn't find a good one. I LOVE yours though. Thanks for sharing!! :)