Monday, December 19, 2011

My Sister: The Designer

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that my sister came to visit the first weekend in December. We had so much fun! But one thing I could not wait to share with you guys is her creativeness when it comes to clothing. Macy took a single piece of fabric and turned it into an article of clothing she can wear 5 ways.

This is how she started, she cut two arm holes in the fabric:

Her first way of wearing the garmet (Please ignore her sarcastic enthusiasm)

Second way:

Third way:

Fourth way:

Fifth way (as a scarf):

Macy is super cute and my living room is not due to no guest bedroom. Hello air mattress!
Thanks for the modeling and great tips on how to turn a single piece of fabric into something fashionable!


Monica said...

Wow!! that is super sister is just like that. Too bad it didnt get passed along to me!

Marion said...

Wow! So creative. And I love her choice of fabric...the stripes are so versatile.
BTW, my sister would make the same "enthusiastic" face :-)
XO - Marion

Jessica Renee said...

That is such a cool idea, she's so creative! My younger sister is really crafty too which she got from our mom - somehow that trait skipped me. lol

Ashley said...

Such a fun idea! Love it!

Mae said...

wow! how cool is that! such a great idea and seems so easy! your sister is super cute, so happy you got to spend time together!

Tamara said...

Wow, she is too creative!

Brianna Tucker said...

you received a versatile blogger award!

Katie said...

Super cute!! Love it. :)