Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today I am linking up with Jennifer over at Perfectly Imperfect. She is hosting a link up party called "Currently" What I love about this post is it is giving me great ideas about books I want to read next, colors that should be on my nails, and am I missing any good TV shows? Plus, I've gotten to meet more awesome women!

So here goes....


Current Book:

Current Playlist:

Current Color: Still loving the accent nail!

Current Drink: Chai Tea Latte

Current Food: Oatmeal with almonds and dried cranberries

Current Favorite TV Show:

Current Needs: Get home for the Holidays!

Current Triumph: Not letting my work website get the best of me! I tackled it yesterday!

Current bane of my existence: AIRLINES, the price of airline tickets!

Current Celebrity Crush: Say hello to the hottie from Hawaii 5 O (you are welcome)

Current #1 Blessing: My family  and husband

Current Indulgence: Skinny Peppermint Mochas

Current Outfit: I stole this pic from a previous post, Same outfit, no hat today!

Current Excitement: Watching White Christmas with K for the first time! (Well for him anyway...)

Current Mood: Happy! One more day of the week people!

Current Favorite Holiday Decoration: My Tree!

Current #1 Item on my Wishlist: My bb is on its last leg, I need a new phone!

Current New Years Resolutions: I'm going to learn how to sew!


Melanie said...

Love your tree, girl! It's gorgeous!

I'm dying for an iPhone too. I hate my BB.

Savanah said...

I am loving chai tea lattes right now too! I make them in my single serve coffee maker but I'm dying to try one from Starbucks!
And Your tree is gorgeous!

Savanah said...
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Jennifer said...

Your tree is absolutely beautiful!!
I love Wicked! have you seen it on broadway? - I can't see it enough

And I've got to get on this Revenge bandwagon stat!

thanks for linking up!

Morgan said...

I love Revenge too! So good! And I just saw Wicked on Broadway and now have to read the book. It was ah-mazzzzing.

Ashlee Miller said...

Chai Tea Lattes are to die for! I love your hat! I wish I could pull something off like that.

Victoria said...

wow, i have the same celeb crush!! man he is sexy AND an aussie lol

i love my christmas tree too and skinny peppermint mochas-yumm!!

cute blog!

Heather said...

Loveee your tree!!

Michaela said...

I love this link up! I am obsessed with skinny peppermint mochas. I always seem to have one in my hand!

J and A said...

Love your tree! :) And we need new phones too. Love your accent nail.

Amy Lynn Wentz said...

First off, your blog is SUPER cute!! Secondly, isn't Revenge amazing?? My roommate had to make me watch the first soon as I did I was hooked!!

Marion said...

I love this! And you SO need to get an iPhone 4S. I would be lost without mine :-)

XO - Marion
PS - I share your aversion to airlines right now. Booo!

Brianna Tucker said...

your blog is supper cute
found you through the blogger map and I am a raleigh blogger too

follow me at

jayme said...

i REALLLLY wanna start watching Revenge but i don't know where to catch up on previous episodes! i'm so sad i didn't start from the very beginning!!

Trish said...

I have a really hard time not drooling when I watch Hawaii 5 O - I keep a napkin close by just in case ;-)

Miranda said...

i love Revenge! I cannot wait until it comes back on!

Courtney*Cakes said...

Your tree is amazing!!! I have to check out this show Revenge, everyone seems to rave about it!!! :)

Oh you had me at football :) I am so a follower now :)

Katie said...

I love, love, LOVE my iphone! My suggestion though - don't waste the extra money on the 4S for Siri - it doesn't work very well and I never use it anymore. The iphone 4 has pretty much everything else the same, is cheaper, and the battery life is better.

Monica said...

I loved Wicked! You have to read Son of a Witch as well!

Lost&Found said...

Oooh! How is Wicked? I've heard it's really good!?!? And I'm saving up all the episodes of Revenge so I can spend two entire days just watching this show and nothing else- amazing!

Happy Friday!


Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

LOVE your tree and LOVE me some revenge - it is SO AMAZING!! My hubs told me that next season they were going to move it to New York "for the winter." Can't WAIT!

Hope you are having a great Friday! XOXO

Kate Undercoffer said...

Okay, I have to know. What do you think of the Wicked book? I read it and was kinda shocked at how graphic it was! I liked it a lot, if I didn't try to compare it to the musical. :)

Your tree is beautiful and I'm dying for an iPhone as well. And I want to learn how to sew too! Pinterest makes me so jealous of people who can sew. Merry (almost) Christmas! :)