Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Media Guides vs. Wedding Album

There is a war between media guides and our wedding album in my house. Do you have this war too? No? Weird.
Last night I chose to come home, relax, and catch up on laundry. I had an extremely busy weekend packed with two killer Yoga classes and my body needed a break. As I was folding laundry from my couch, catching up on The Biggest Loser, I glanced down underneath my coffee table and there was the decorating faux pas.

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We currently have three whole media guides living on top of my wedding album! When did this happen? Is it neccessary? Ugly.

I think I will be finding a new home for these tonight!

Husband, stick with your day job, you are not allowed to decorate.


TheTinyHeart said...

Haha, that is kind of hilarious! We got married almost a year ago and we still didn't pick out our album, oops. We won't be able to display it on our coffee table though thanks to our lovely dogs!

The Tiny Heart

Elizabeth said...

You're doing better than we are....we have several programs and still no wedding album or baby album. Haha!

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