Friday, January 4, 2013

Carry Me On...

Airplane Carry-on

I have been off and on airplanes quite frequently for the past month. My secret: I hate flying. Absolutely hate it. But I have to do it often, so I just need to keep myself busy.

Here is my bag of tricks and what helps me get through the friendly skies:

Tote: I need something large enough to fit all my things, yet not be an eyesore. Also I hate getting up and down, so I need it to fit easily under my seat.

Cashmere Wrap: I've had this for years and it is my all-time favorite thing to wrap up in. Especially this time of year, it is chilly up in those clouds. 

Ipad: I've just welcomed myself to the world of the ipad. I love that on most airlines I can connect to the wifi, listen to music or read from one small device. And hello cute cover? My husband and I share the ipad so he wants something less feminine....bah humbug. I'm sure he'd be happy if I covered it in pigskin.

Book: No matter how much I love reading on my e-reader, I always have a good ol' book on hand. Since I'm working my way through Blog Inc. I consider this "getting some work done."

Headphones: Goodbye earbuds. Yes, these are big, but oh so comfy and the sound is wonderful. Yes I am the unsocial one wanting to ignore my seat neighbor's snoring.

Wallet: Pulling my ID in and out while traveling can be daunting. I need something easy to open and close.

Chocolate: I'm a sweet-tooth.

Tylenol: All the stress of flying gives me headaches. These little packets are so travel friendly.

Magazine: I am such a sucker for magazines. I'm always carrying them when I fly. When they make me shut off all my electronics it is the only thing that will distract me during take off and landing since my husband takes about .23 seconds to fall asleep.

Lotion and Lip Salve: My hands and lips get so dry, especially in the winter and when I travel to cold places! This lotion doesn't leave my hands greasy and this lip salve is so soft, I even use it on my cuticles.

Shades: Sometimes, depending where I fly, I have to deplane in the middle of the runway. If it is sunny and I just spent a few hours in a shady plane, that sun kills my eyes. It doesn't usually help the headache I have either. Sunglasses are a must.

Lastly, lipstick: I always need to add a little color before I walk off the plane. It wakes me up and insures I am not scaring anyone at baggage claim!

I'm off to Nashville least I'm ready for the plane!


Sarah Wyland said...

I love Rosebud - I've never thought about using it on my cuticles... I've been inspired. :)

Katie said...

I'm always trying to put as little in my carry-on as possible because I hate toting everything around! I'm with you-- I need earphones to clearly indicate that I'm not open to socialization on the plane. Lol

alongobucco said...

I'm the total opposite–I actually LOVE flying. Something about being in the air, knowing that no one can bother you for those few hours is super freeing haha. Past that, everything you listed is a must-have! I'm actually reading Blog, Inc. now!

The Glossy Life

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

I don't mind flying but I can always use some helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!